The Team

We share a passion for making places better. Leveraging our extensive experience in sustainability, resilience, smarter cities, sustainable buildings, air quality, IoT / digital services and circular economy, we can help your city, community or business. As a team of senior independent directors and entrepreneurs we can mobilise our unique in-depth knowledge to solve your specific problem, without the overheads. Meet the team below - we look forward to working with you.

Mark Jenkinson

Mark has a passion for user-centric sustainable smart city infrastructure. Founder of Crystal Associates, Mark headed up Siemens’ global city account management network as well as leading Siemens’ engagement in London.

Joachim Kiauk

Joachim is a Green Buildings, Sustainable Cities and Smart Infrastructure expert with over 25 years of international experience including at the Siemens Crystal, one of the world's most sustainable buildings.

Dr Tianqi Li

Tianqi is an award-winning and internationally recognised sustainability expert with 10 years’ experience in bridging the gap and building partnerships across sectors, influencing science-based sustainability initiatives in the UK and Asia.

Matthew Pencharz

Matthew is an experienced strategic leader with a track record of leading multi-disciplinary teams to deliver major projects. He has operated at the highest level of London government for more than 5 years, including as Deputy Mayor of London for Environment and Energy.

Andrew Richmond

Andrew is a Chartered Resources & Waste Manager with unprecedented strategic experience of public and private sector waste management, circular economy, low carbon and resource efficiency services.

Elaine Trimble

Elaine has worked with city leaders around the globe to effectively use technology and data to build smart and resilient cities with a particular focus on air quality, community energy and sustainable transport.