Crystal Associates is an independent consulting company

We help cities, communities and businesses on the path to be smarter and more sustainable.

About Us

We can help you find the right path, simplifying the complex.

Helping to tackle the climate emergency, reduce carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency and air quality, through more sustainable and intelligent buildings, better waste management and the application of user-centric technology.

The Team

Our team share a passion for improving places.

We are a team of senior independent directors and entrepreneurs. We can mobilise our unique in-depth knowledge to solve your specific problems, without the overheads.

Our Work

Our expertise is in developing strategies and supporting their implementation.

For Councils and businesses, we can help you to develop your carbon reduction / net zero plans and your digital strategies.

For building owners and occupiers, we can help you to reduce your energy consumption, increase resource efficiency and drive user satisfaction.  


If you need help in the above areas contact us.

The [Soho Comes Clean] study [is] the most extensive of its kind ever undertaken in the area, adding that ‘SNF and its partners look forward to working closely and collaboratively with Westminster City Council to implement the report's recommendations and deliver a cleaner, greener Soho for the neighbourhood's businesses, residents and visitors'."

Councillor Patrick Lilley  welcomed the report, calling it 'an historic effort to change Soho for the better'.